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We need to do better.

We need to do better.


This isn’t a post about yarn. It’s about how whiteness in the fiber arts community is damaging and harmful to the people of color in the fiber arts community. Please read on…

The fiber artist POC are hurting and our silence on these issues only exacerbates this pain. This week I have watched white fiber artists I respect and admire dismiss what a POC was explaining to them was racist, painful, and unacceptable. I have seen many others choose instead to just stay silent.

I implore you all to take a moment to listen to what POC are saying, learn from it, and work to do better.

We can all do better. And we (the ones who hold white privilege) owe it to POC to be more mindful about our actions, words, and participation.

Believe POC. Listen to POC. Amplify POC.

Lots of people with more experience and expertise have lent their knowledge and energy to explaining what is currently going on in our fiber arts community and why it is important. Please go read (on Instagram) what they have to say and take it in. Start with @su.krita ‘s post. Read what @thecolormustard  and @ocean_bythesea and @astitchtowear and @tina.say.knits wrote.

Thank you to everyone who spent their energy and time trying to help us white fiber artists do better. I appreciate you.

If you have a platform in this community to speak to this issues and keep the dismantling going, use it.

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