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Pattern Testing on Ravelry

Pattern Testing on Ravelry

Designing and writing patterns are a couple of my favorite parts of knitting, and the process of taking an idea in my head and knitting it up into a wearable garment never ceases to amaze and entertain me. However, there is the tricky next step to translating what makes sense to my own knitting brain into a pattern that makes sense to the rest of the knitting world, and this is where pattern testing comes in. Are you also a knitwear designer? How have you navigated the world of tech editing and pattern testing? Ravelry groups and forums seem to have a wealth of opinions, knowledge, and helpful experts ready and willing to help indie designers out with their pattern creation process.

I’m currently trying out pattern testing in this Ravelry group: Free Pattern Testing¬†with my Sensu Lace scarf, and I hope it goes well. It looks like a great way to have your pattern tested for free and gives knitters a chance to improve their own skills by knitting yet-to-be-published patterns. I’ve heard good things about this particular group, so I am looking forward to seeing how the process goes. Have you ever pattern tested before or had your pattern tested? Let me know your thoughts and how your experience was, I’d love to know more about it.

I’ll be sure to post updates here on how this particular scarf pattern testing goes and if you’re in the same boat, I wish you all the best on your own pattern design! Happy Knitting ♥

UPDATE: The pattern test forum is now live! If you want to be a test knitter for my Sensu Lace scarf, head on over now.


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