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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

I share other people’s words to amplify them, and my own words sound like quiet echos. But I want to share this with you. Action starts with you and your community. Anyone anywhere at anytime can participate in dismantling systems of white supremacy. And we must take action, because violence and death are the direct result of inaction and the privilege of willful ignorance.

Activism begins with you and your community. Justice and hope live exactly where you are, right now. Wondering how to start? Look to community leaders working in those spaces. Connect with them. The local decision makers, elected officials, boards, councils, commissions, and other representatives include your community members and could include you. It is important to know who they are, and what their values are. It is imperative to hold them accountable. Those decision makers create and inform the systems that make up a community. And those systems can either uphold racism and bigotry, or we can create new systems which foster resilient inclusive communities.

White supremacy will not dismantle itself. We have to dismantle it, both personally and as a society. We must change. We can imagine new societies, new spaces for life, new ways to hold hope, and create them with each other. We can foster, create, and empower resilient communities. Begin with yourself and your community. You, yes you, are enough. Your actions are worthy and you are a changemaker. I say all of this to you as much as I say it to myself.

Black Lives Matter.

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