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activism + craft = craftivism

activism + craft = craftivism

activism + craft = craftivism
For me, it is impossible to separate the two. I knit and craft because it recharges me and helps me focus. It lets my brain rest so that I am ready to keep fighting the good fight every single day. As an activist, I know the importance of burnout, I understand that sometimes we need to pass the baton in this relay of civic work, and I am lucky to have found a way of restoring my energy that also results in a product I can sell to raise money for the causes I support.
I know many artists, crafters, and knitters who do the same and have been doing this for many years. It makes my heart so happy to see all of us doing our part in our own unique way because just like the many individual stitches that make up a garment, it takes many individual acts to make up our collective activism.
I’d love to hear from you if you’re in the same boat – what do you do to sustain your activism? How do you combine your craft and your activism?
This was a hard week, I’m sure it was for many of you too. The endless barrage of horror that this current administration releases is exhausting and overwhelming. It can make you feel helpless and hopeless, and this is where I find that knitting helps me overcome those feelings. Knitting gives me a chance to breathe and think, and those are vital to finding ways to have hope, and create ways to help.
This week I released a new pattern, and I am donating a portion of the sales to RAICES. I am planning to do this with many patterns I release, and I hope that this is a successful way to add to my contribution to social justice.
Happy knitting and keep fighting the good fight!
Standing with fellow protesters for FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER on Saturday, June 30th.

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